Vacation With Our Pack Of 4 Dogs

Time for an adventure!

Time for an adventure!

It’s been too long since Chuck & I have taken a vacation. Part of our challenge was where could we go with our pack of 4 dogs?  Where would we be accepted as responsible pet owners wanting to spend quality time with the ones we love? For those who didn’t know; our Pippin has a health issue. She has to be monitored & must have her medication at specific times to keep her comfortable. We want what time she has left to be as fun as she is. Gigi has traveled with us before & charms everyone she meets. After 2 years living with us; Taco & Belle are more trusting. They are now ready to learn how to travel & behave in public places.

You can go on vacation with your pet to many places these days. But once there we have found that you couldn’t take your pet into the places you wanted to visit. Now the decision has to be made whether to leave your pet in the car or not go in. Your vacation becomes very limited on what you can do with your pet accompanying you.

20160918_131333After much research,  thanks to an online promotion conducted by The Marketing Heaven, I found that the State of Maine is a wonderful pet friendly state to visit.  It’s advertised on the State of Maine’s website that you are welcomed to bring your pet anywhere you would like to visit. We decided that Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park was the area we would visit. Both areas are very accepting to having your dog participate in your adventure there. It is a 7+ hour trip for us, the scenery is beautiful & we had hopes of seeing a moose for our bucket list!

view from our room

view from our room

Thanks also to Maine’s website; we found the Acadia Sunrise Motel in Trenton, Maine. A very clean comfortable place to stay. The folks at this motel make you feel right at home. Even their pets come out to greet you & your pets! The town of Trenton is a few minutes away from Bar Harbor & what is known as the Desert Island Area. Not only are dogs (and more than 2 can stay) welcomed, but you can have your cat be with you as well! Our room had 2 queen size beds & a utensil stocked kitchenette. There was grills ready for your use & a bonfire for all the visitors staying to sit by at night.  A room on the backside of this motel gives you a beautiful view of the mountains while watching biplanes, gliders & a few Lear jets fly in & out from Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport.

What made this a great vacation was how we could bring our dogs everywhere we went. We visited the Village of Bar Harbor & found bowls of water by many shop doors to quench a thirsty dog. Your dog can go into a store with you to shop. Many of the stores offer dog biscuits with a big smile. There is poop bag stations & garbage pails all around so you can easily cleanup after your dog’s business.  We have never seen so many vacationers with their dogs in one place! Everyone is in a positive mood admiring each other’s pride & joy.



The restaurants are plentiful from Trenton to The Desert Island Area. What is really nice was the greater majority of them have patio dining so your dogs may join you for a meal. Lobster shacks are abounding as well. The lobsters are so fresh & sweet tasting. You can eat at many of them or have them prepare your lobsters to dine in the privacy of your motel room . All of them are more than happy to pack your lobsters, crabs, mussels & steamers in a to go container to take home your tasty “Maine souvenir.”

Sand Beach

Sand Beach

Just as enjoying was our visit to Acadia National Park. This year marks its 100th year celebration. Beautiful views can be seen by hiking trails or driving by car. There is many pull over areas for you to stop & drink in the beauty of it all.  The park is open 24 hours a day.  Our dogs got to experience with us being on the shores of Sand Beach to visiting the summit of Cadillac Mountain. Once again it was amazing how many vacationers were there with their dogs having an enjoyable time.  It was such a unique feeling to be able to visit with very few limitations, our dogs by our side.

It seemed fitting for it to be raining on the morning we packed the car up to come home. We all had such a good time & met many interesting people & their pets. Time sure goes by quickly with all that fun. But I know we’ll be coming back soon to enjoy more of Maine’s hospitality. We never did see a moose but look forward to maybe next time checking it off our bucket list!

Have you traveled anywhere with your pet where they’ve been as welcomed as you are? Please share with us in our comments section .

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