To Treat With Table Scraps Or Not

IMG_20160223_152308In our household we try to ensure our pack eats a healthy quality dry dog food along with a pinch of wet food mixed in. This helps to ensure they are receiving the nutrition needed specifically for a dog. But we all love to share our table scraps with our beloved pets as that “special treat” for them. While sharing this “special treat” makes us feel good; it’s not always such a good thing for our pet. Obesity is a huge problem for our beloved pets as it is for us.

It can be as simple a mistake as adding a pinch extra fresh cooked meat to their dish. Or giving a piece of your breakfast croissant. How about a midday snack of cheese & crackers with a special friend? It’s a small amount it can’t be that bad you say. While the amount indeed might be small; if you consider how many of those special treats they’re getting overall you might be surprised how it all adds up in the end.

And just as it is a challenge for us to control our weight; it can be a bigger challenge in helping our pets to slim down. So the next time your pet is giving you those hopeful eyes as you eat your meal or snack;  think when was the last time a scrap was given? Make it a truly special treat and give them far & few during the course of their week.

We like to share with you two great charts (one for dogs & one for cats) that our veterinarian  Dr. Guiliani of The Pet Hospital of Stratford gave us to put in better perspective for you what those innocent “special treats” can equate to by human standards.  We hope you find them just as informative as we did.

chart on overfeedingchart on overfeeding (2)


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