The Walk

As I step into my client’s house; I’m greeted with much excitement by her two dynamo little dogs. They know that I’m about to go with them on an adventure. The Walk! Such a powerful word that when mentioned can create joyful barking & happy dancing paws. Harnesses on, coats for all of us & we leash up ready to explore.

20150228_132814We had just experienced a snowstorm the day before giving us eight inches of snow.  The new addition of snow made for a whole new world to investigate. There are a few important things to keep in mind for a walk such as this. My two little friends that were excitedly sniffing the air are both short furred dogs. The temperature is right around thirty six degrees so they can get cold pretty quickly being so close to the ground & surrounded by mounds of the white stuff. A doggie coat or sweater helps them be comfortable in these temperatures. I, their escort, prefers to wear a bright colored coat so to be visible for the times there’s no sidewalks & we have to walk on the road. If the temperature had dropped much more we wouldn’t have planned on a very long walk. If you’re really feeling the cold so will your dogs & all have the possibility of achieving frostbite or hypothermia if you stay outside in freezing temperatures for even a short time period.

Off we go, the new snow a clean slate to leave some pee-mail updates for their other four paw friends. I can understand their excitement. A walk can release a lot of pent up energy & break up the day’s routine. As our walk is on the road today I’m careful to watch for antifreeze spills before we’re upon them. Antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) is sweet tasting although it leaves a repulsive aftertaste. Small amounts can be fatally toxic to the body’s organs such as the kidneys & liver. Animals are drawn to antifreeze’s smell & initial taste. It’s extremely important that you have your dog or cat seen as quickly as possible by your veterinarian even if you only suspect they’ve ingested it. Diagnosis can be quicker, saving valuable time & possibly preventing body organ shutdowns. Antifreeze can be some deadly stuff.

Our path is clear & we walk briskly doing a thirty minute circuit with a couple of  breaks in between to leave a few messages in strategic places. It’s all about location for them!  Back at home; off comes the sweaters & harnesses . I make sure to clean their paws  & towel dry their undersides from any salt that they could have picked up from the road.  Rock salt can dry out their pads & get caught up in between their toes. If your dog licks their paws or fur clean; the chemicals can get into your dog’s system . We’ve all seen what rock salt can do to your car so you can just imagine what it can do to your dog’s health.

It’s now reward time for a great walk & showing much patience in the clean up afterwards. A few treats later I bid my doggie clients goodbye. They are ready for a well earned nap. And I’m off to share the magic of the walk once again with my next doggie friend.


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