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A dog parent will bend over backwards to try & provide the best for their four legged friend. However; every dog parent could be guilty of occasionally having their dog do things that they  may be very uncomfortable about. A few things to consider:

* Walking without exploring. All dogs hate not being able to sniff because smelling is how they learn & “see”. Our pack is a split group. Two are very visual & amaze me how they notice the slightest difference any of our neighbors do to their yards. Halloween is a good example as our neighbors begin to decorate They’re excited with the creatures coming out of the ground & the witch swaying in the wind! With our other two it’s all about the scent. They’re nose down for the greater majority of the walk. I wonder what is the scent they occasionally pick up on that requires a serious “group” smell! It’s like they confer with each other for a minute or two  seriously sniffing together before coming up with a mutual ah ha.

* Teasing. Typically children are guilty but adults can find it funny too. And you have no intention of stressing your dog out but your dog doesn’t know that . Pretty much how YOU don’t like to be teased is how your dog feels. But a dog can react in a way that could cause a regrettable accident.

*Being lazy. Dogs need to be mentally & physically stimulated for them to be happy. Break up the day in day out routine. Work on a new “trick” as simple as learning how to shake paw/hand! Got some surprise free time? Go for a walk! You’ll both feel so much better for it. Our pack lights up like a light bulb at the suggestion of a walk or even just spending time together playing in the backyard.

*Dressing up the dog. Yes I know they look so cute & after all it IS Halloween soon. Some dogs will tolerate it but rest assured they sure don’t understand why. They just understand that their vision or movement is often restricted while wearing that costume. Give consideration about that as you dress them up.

*Looking a dog in the eye. In a dog’s world; staring down another dog is considered being given a challenge to dominate or fight. For your own safety never stare a dog down as you approach them.

* Being tense. Dogs can sense your mood therefore there’s the “ripple effect”. If you’re tense so will your dog be. Calmness shows strength & leadership. Being tense shows weakness.

We & our pack at Bed and Biscuits Pet Sitting Services have just finished up a very busy week. This Sunday finds us with some surprise down time. Think we’ll take action on my thought for the day & go for that unexpected walk.IMG_20150914_164445 IMG_20150914_174227.



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