Lessons We Have Learned Living With Small Dogs

IMG_20160223_152308Gigi is our first of 4 small dogs to enter into our lives. She’s a Pocket Beagle that had been bought as a surprise birthday gift for the wife of a neighbor of ours. It became a different surprise for them when they found that the wife was extremely allergic to dogs. The neighbor came to us asking if we would be interested in adopting Gigi for he knew how we care ( and I admit, spoil) our dogs. Besides the size difference; here’s a few lessons we have learned along the way living with small dogs.

Small Dogs Should Wear A Harness . Collars are great to have their ID information but to have a leash attached could lead to potential problems. You can easily hurt a small dog’s trachea or neck by a tug from the leash to collar. You have no idea just how much pressure is being applied to that area. A harness distributes the pressure overall; not just concentrating on the neck. That’s not to say you still can’t innocently hurt them. As with the size of your dog should be the size of your correction.

IMG_20150730_182751Small Dogs Can Be Easy Prey. Whether you live in the country or even suburbia; don’t leave your small dog outside on it’s own.  Coyotes, predatory birds to name a few can be a danger no matter how much a fighter your small dog is. Our vet gave us that tip. Never thought much about that until Gigi & I would be occasionally stalked by a rather large Red Tail Hawk when we went for walks. Our backyard abuts the woods & we do like to feed the songbirds that come to visit. But we also have had hawks that come to visit as well & I did witness one that attacked & killed a full grown cat for his dinner. When our dogs go out; one of us always accompany them to ensure their safety.

A Small Dog Can Be An Easier Companion On Trips. Small dogs can easily travel in a carrier with you. Who hasn’t snuck a small dog in their tote or bag into a store or place generally not accepting of dogs?  They are also more readily accepted at hotels/motels (many have a limit as to how big) than a larger dog. They are welcomed more often as people don’t feel as threaten as in being around a larger dog. You can even have your small dog fly with you in cabin with most airlines!

20160328_163129Small Dogs Don’t Know They’re Small. They can be prone to being a lot bolder than is good for them. Our Taco is fearless & amazes me how he will challenge anyone no matter how much bigger they are to him if he feels they’re a threat. He does not back down easily. People often misjudge a small dog  can cause them any harm but they can give a bite to remember just as well as their larger brethren.

Small Dogs Can Be Nosier. Our 4 dogs are always on the alert. They seem to know when you’re close to stepping onto our property without looking & will let you know that they know. Loud enough to hear 3 houses away! They are more excitable to the world around them. They express their joy loudly when one of us arrives home. Although all 4 are different small dogs, they’re more “talky” than the larger dogs we have had in the past.

How about you? Are you an owner of a small & large dog ? What differences have you observed between the two? Please  share with us in our comments section below.


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