A Dog Sitter moment

Goodbye to an old friend

I received the sad news just after lunch. Miss Lizzie had crossed over the rainbow bridge.

I was privileged to know this old gal long before we created our business. A ball of fluff who even as a young puppy had a mind of her own. No laying on her back for anyone. A little terror enjoying life. No one could tell her she was small; in her mind she was as big as the rest of her doggy friends she played with in her neighborhood. She kept her owner on her toes as you tend to forget after owning an older dog that puppies are high energy just about all the time.
And what good times she had while growing up. She was my first doggy “snowbird” I knew. When the snowy months were upon us; she hop on a plane with her owner & fly south to much more comfortable weather. They would come back north when the snow was gone. She had more air miles than me!

What a tough gal she was. Some years back she had to have back surgery. Little dogs have to be careful as they get older jumping up & down from sofas & beds. Their back, knees & legs are not as resilient as larger dogs. Miss Lizzie had to have a disk removed. Then she attended therapy to learn how to walk again. Through it all she was the plucky character still testing us on what she could & couldn’t be allowed to do.

When Chuck & I launched our business; we became Miss Lizzie & her new little sister Scarlett’s dog sitter. She couldn’t travel as well as she used to. And she had a lot to teach Miss Scarlett about life. This June Lizzie celebrated turning 16. A little deaf, going blind & now handling a bout of cancer she had aged gracefully into her senior years.

Each week lately I would wonder when I came for our visit if the old gal was ok. She may of been going blind but there was nothing wrong with her nose to find the treats I had for her. But she was frailer & walked a little more delicately these days. She was an old lady. I knew our time was coming to an end soon & would hug her a little tighter at the end of each visit.

So a tear drops today in the thoughts of 16 years with a furry friend. One who always greeted me with a gleam in her eyes knowing that we were going to play & in the end celebrate with a treat or two. Rest in Peace my sweet old lady. Hope someday I see you at the rainbow bridge with the rest of my furry friends.20150604_11241320150902_09390320150402_121910


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