Five things you should know when your dog boards with us

I had just fi20160101_112919_wmnished speaking with a client of ours who wanted to plan another date boarding their dog with us while they went to visit the Mohegan Sun Casino. They have used our services a few times before.

 Their dog suffers from anxiety separation & she was impressed how their pup practically dragged her into our home the last time they came by. What a great compliment that their dog couldn’t wait to come in & visit with us!

It also got me thinking of what you should know when your lucky dog boards with us.

  1. When you contact us; we will arrange a date & time well before you plan on going away to visit us & our pack of dogs. At that time we will take care of a little paperwork & receive copies that your dog is up to date with their shots. We also want to be sure your dog & ours are all going to get along with each other. Sometimes doggie personalities just don’t care for each other. We want to be the perfect fit for your dog.
  2. Our motto is : “where your pet is treated as one of our own”. We take that seriously & strive to have your dog be comfortable & have a good time with their stay with us.
  3. Our yard is fenced in. There is lots of supervised play time & exercise outside as the weather permits.
  4. We do not use crates unless your dog prefers one. We do suggest bringing your dog’s favorite bed or blanket for their stay. The smell of familiarity of their own home helps them to feel comfortable with their new surroundings.
  5.  Your dog’s stay with us is supervised 24 hours a day.

Please make sure you plan ahead for your dog as you make plans for your vacation, weekend getaway or even a day break! We cannot accept last minute arrang

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