Counting Steps Isn’t Just For Humans Anymore

fitbarkI’m just finishing putting a harness on our fur client when I spot a new gadget on her collar. The concern of keeping track on how much exercise one does per day has now filtered down to also tracking your pet’s activity. With pet obesity being a very common problem; you can now track how much exercise your dog really gets per day too. The owner of my fur client can check either through her laptop or smartphone how active her dog is during the course of her day . She can tell when we are out on our walk & how vigorous a walk we had.

Listed below is some information I found on 2 kinds of trackers meant to specifically track your pet’s activity.


The Whistle can be found in your major pet store. It is waterproof & can detect your pet’s walking, playing & resting times. You can set goals, track progress & compare the results to similar dogs. It can connect either by WiFi or bluetooth to your smartphone. The Whistle can be a very useful tool as not only can you track your dog’s activity but it also can be set to remind you if your pet is due for their next dose of medication. You can also keep a log of the food given to your pet to track your their nutrition so to avoid over or underfeeding them. The battery for the Whistle is rechargeable & depending on use can last for 7 days before needing recharging.


The FitBark is a small activity moniter that because of it’s size is very suitable for small dogs. In the picture above; Scarlett is wearing her pink FitBark. It comes in 4 other colors too. Of course it can be used on your larger dog as well. The FitBark attaches to any collar & is half the weight of the Whistle. It communicates by bluetooth only unless you purchase a FitBark WiFi Base Station The app can track your pet’s activity of play, walking & rest time. Interesting enough if you’re using the FitBit app , you can track your activity as well as your pet’s at the same time on the same app! You can invite people (like your dog walker) to track your dog’s progress & compare the results to similar dogs. Their customer service is also highly rated.

We hope this information helps you. Both trackers are great tools to motivate us to get outside with our dogs & get that added bit of exercise. It helps us to keep accountable to just how much exercise our dogs are truly getting. And both can give you a heads up about possible health issues by noting just how active your dog is for their age & breed. I like to give credit to Whistle & FitBark for the detailed information given on their websites for us to be able to share that information with you.


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