Cold weather & your pet

20151228_151105After an unusual warm December; it looks like the cold weather is finally almost upon us. With the larger breed dogs (such as German Shepherds, Labradors)  you would think they would be just fine to be left outside for an extended time but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. If they are living inside your home they’re not acclimated to be left out in the cold for a period of time. Of course you can let them out to do their business & play for a few minutes but after that it’s important to make sure they’re not feeling the effects of hypothermia . With the smaller dogs they don’t seem to need a second invite to come back inside as they feel the cold faster than their brethren! A good rule of thumb is if it feels cold enough for you to want to go inside it’s probably a good idea to bring the dog in too.

For those whose cats love to be outside; one should consider keeping them inside on the more freezing cold days. Just like dogs if they’ve been staying indoors they’re not acclimated to the colder temperatures. If your cat is an insistent outdoor cat; make sure to provide some kind of shelter outside for them . It can be as simple as a wooden box & should be layered with straw or fleece blankets. It’s helpful to also use a small heating light to help keep them warm. And cats will seek warm places so try to make it a practice to tap on the hood of your car as it’s quite common for them to be snuggling under or on the inside of your car’s engine. They can be seriously injured or killed when you start your car.

For both dogs & cats that do spend time outside there are other dangers to be aware of. Salt & other ice melt products can make a pet seriously sick if ingested . There is products one can use that are animal friendly to melt the ice but keep in mind that your neighbors around you might not be aware of or care to use those kind of products. A good habit to get into is to wipe your pet’s paws when they come inside so they don’t accidently ingest any chemicals while they’re cleaning themselves. Also keep in mind that antifreeze & other similar winterizing products are hazardous to your pet’s health too. Make sure to keep it secured away from your pets.

So as we prepare for the upcoming cold weather we hope you keep these tips in mind. Keep an eye on them when they’re outside & keep them dry & warm when they come back inside . Do you have any cold weather tips that you do for your pets? If you do we invite you to share in our comment section below.


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