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As I turn the key in the door; from the other side I hear a welcomed meow. Kiki looks forward to our visit each day. She sits proudly; calming waiting her turn to say hello as her 3 doggy pals excitedly greet us. She chooses her moment with care stepping up to rub herself on my legs purring & meowing how her day has been going . Her “mom” is away & she’s missing her as much as her companions are. I have to smile for we were told it be rare to see her but I think she has better sense of when we’re coming than the dogs do & she was front & center by the time we came for our second visit!

Although cats are a more independent animal it’s important for the owner to consider a once a day visit by their professional pet sitter while they’re on vacation or working longer days at work.  They can get just as lonely & bored as their other furry friends. And we all know boredom can get us into trouble!  A little playtime, perhaps a good brushing & a tasty treat to celebrate the visit goes a long way in an animal feeling loved & wanted. A visit by your pet sitter is MORE than just letting a pet out to relieve themselves. Though the greater majority of the cats we see are “inside” cats; some owners think a every other day visit is good enough as their cat has a litter box to use. Not true. Many of our cat clients (even the shy ones) greet us & love the socializing attention they receive. Just think how you would feel if you had contact only every 48 hours with anyone. Time begins to weigh heavily till that next visit. A daily visit breaks up the day; keeps the mind & body stimulated.

Kiki’s purr fills the room. She has gotten her fill of attention & now looks contently around for a place to take a nap. It’s time to go. Save those stories till our next visit my friend.IMG_20150905_090928


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