5 things I’ve learned from adopting an older dog

20160211_141731-1_wmPippin is the oldest dog that Chuck & I had the opportunity of adopting. Older animals have such slim chances of being adopted. It’s so sad to see one in a shelter. They’re bewildered why they are there, frightened & anxiously waiting for their family to come back to get them. People judge them as if they are a “problem” dog when sadly they might be there because their owner has passed away or a family is forced to move to a new home that doesn’t allow pets. There could be so many other reasons for their current situation.

Here’s what I’ve learned in adopting an older dog.

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Five things you should know when your dog boards with us

I had just fi20160101_112919_wmnished speaking with a client of ours who wanted to plan another date boarding their dog with us while they went to visit the Mohegan Sun Casino. They have used our services a few times before.

 Their dog suffers from anxiety separation & she was impressed how their pup practically dragged her into our home the last time they came by. What a great compliment that their dog couldn’t wait to come in & visit with us!

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The Walk

As I step into my client’s house; I’m greeted with much excitement by her two dynamo little dogs. They know that I’m about to go with them on an adventure. The Walk! Such a powerful word that when mentioned can create joyful barking & happy dancing paws. Harnesses on, coats for all of us & we leash up ready to explore. [Read more…]

A Bonded Pair



I recently viewed a video recommended by Barkpost on YouTube/Animal Time TV , A Dog’s Love Story on a pair of bonded dogs that became separated once they came into a shelter & how they tried to continue to be with each. They were separated so a chance of adoption would be more probable for them & how by sheer chance they became reunited some time later. After watching I couldn’t help to smile as I gazed upon our Taco & Belle.

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Cold weather & your pet

20151228_151105After an unusual warm December; it looks like the cold weather is finally almost upon us. With the larger breed dogs (such as German Shepherds, Labradors)  you would think they would be just fine to be left outside for an extended time but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. If they are living inside your home they’re not acclimated to be left out in the cold for a period of time. Of course you can let them out to do their business & play for a few minutes but after that it’s important to make sure they’re not feeling the effects of hypothermia . With the smaller dogs they don’t seem to need a second invite to come back inside as they feel the cold faster than their brethren! A good rule of thumb is if it feels cold enough for you to want to go inside it’s probably a good idea to bring the dog in too. [Read more…]

Thought of the day ~ Is there “people food” you can feed your dog?

Pippin & TacoWondering or secretly feeling guilty of what “people foods” you can be feeding your dog? We meet many a client who’s looking a little bashful admitting adding “people food” to their much loved dog’s dish. Apples, green beans, pumpkins….  there are some human foods that are safe for your dog to eat. As a responsible and informed dog lover, you probably know that too much “people food” can make your dog ill or overweight. But there are some human foods that can be safely added to your dog’s meals in moderation  to give a nutritional boost to your dog’s diet and add a bit of variety to their food bowl. Below is a list of some of the “ok” foods you can share with them. Please keep in mind that any additions to your dog’s meals shouldn’t comprise more than 25 percent of their weekly caloric requirement.

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Thought for the day – Halloween


Today as I walked our dogs; you can feel & see the excitement all around us as our neighbors made final preparations for Halloween. There was a couple of times the dogs saw an excited child in a costume coming home from a party that they just were not too sure of what they were seeing. Keeping calm & reassuring them ensured it to be a safe positive event.
It also got me to thinking of sharing a few tips (thanks to the ASPCA) to keep in mind on how we all could have a safe & fun time this Halloween [Read more…]

My thought for today

A dog parent will bend over backwards to try & provide the best for their four legged friend. However; every dog parent could be guilty of occasionally having their dog do things that they  may be very uncomfortable about. A few things to consider: [Read more…]

A Dog Sitter moment

Goodbye to an old friend

I received the sad news just after lunch. Miss Lizzie had crossed over the rainbow bridge.

I was privileged to know this old gal long before we created our business. A ball of fluff who even as a young puppy had a mind of her own. No laying on her back for anyone. A little terror enjoying life. No one could tell her she was small; in her mind she was as big as the rest of her doggy friends she played with in her neighborhood. She kept her owner on her toes as you tend to forget after owning an older dog that puppies are high energy just about all the time.
And what good times she had while growing up. She was my first doggy “snowbird” I knew. When the snowy months were upon us; she hop on a plane with her owner & fly south to much more comfortable weather. They would come back north when the snow was gone. She had more air miles than me!

What a tough gal she was. Some years back she had to have back surgery. Little dogs have to be careful as they get older jumping up & down from sofas & beds. Their back, knees & legs are not as resilient as larger dogs. Miss Lizzie had to have a disk removed. Then she attended therapy to learn how to walk again. Through it all she was the plucky character still testing us on what she could & couldn’t be allowed to do.

When Chuck & I launched our business; we became Miss Lizzie & her new little sister Scarlett’s dog sitter. She couldn’t travel as well as she used to. And she had a lot to teach Miss Scarlett about life. This June Lizzie celebrated turning 16. A little deaf, going blind & now handling a bout of cancer she had aged gracefully into her senior years.

Each week lately I would wonder when I came for our visit if the old gal was ok. She may of been going blind but there was nothing wrong with her nose to find the treats I had for her. But she was frailer & walked a little more delicately these days. She was an old lady. I knew our time was coming to an end soon & would hug her a little tighter at the end of each visit.

So a tear drops today in the thoughts of 16 years with a furry friend. One who always greeted me with a gleam in her eyes knowing that we were going to play & in the end celebrate with a treat or two. Rest in Peace my sweet old lady. Hope someday I see you at the rainbow bridge with the rest of my furry friends.20150604_11241320150902_09390320150402_121910

Cat Sitter

As I turn the key in the door; from the other side I hear a welcomed meow. Kiki looks forward to our visit each day. She sits proudly; calming waiting her turn to say hello as her 3 doggy pals excitedly greet us. She chooses her moment with care stepping up to rub herself on my legs purring & meowing how her day has been going . Her “mom” is away & she’s missing her as much as her companions are. I have to smile for we were told it be rare to see her but I think she has better sense of when we’re coming than the dogs do & she was front & center by the time we came for our second visit!

Although cats are a more independent animal it’s important for the owner to consider a once a day visit by their professional pet sitter while they’re on vacation or working longer days at work.  They can get just as lonely & bored as their other furry friends. And we all know boredom can get us into trouble!  A little playtime, perhaps a good brushing & a tasty treat to celebrate the visit goes a long way in an animal feeling loved & wanted. A visit by your pet sitter is MORE than just letting a pet out to relieve themselves. Though the greater majority of the cats we see are “inside” cats; some owners think a every other day visit is good enough as their cat has a litter box to use. Not true. Many of our cat clients (even the shy ones) greet us & love the socializing attention they receive. Just think how you would feel if you had contact only every 48 hours with anyone. Time begins to weigh heavily till that next visit. A daily visit breaks up the day; keeps the mind & body stimulated.

Kiki’s purr fills the room. She has gotten her fill of attention & now looks contently around for a place to take a nap. It’s time to go. Save those stories till our next visit my friend.IMG_20150905_090928