Backup Plan For Your Pet

I’m getting ready to get in my car & drive over to help a friend in Stratford , Connecticut. We had made a backup plan a month ago for Chuck or I to come to her house several times a day to care for her dog, her cat & fish. Our friend was going in the hospital for surgery for a 80% blocked carotid artery.  Thankfully, she came through surgery just fine. What she didn’t count on was her length of recovery was going to be longer than first discussed. Lucky for her I was planning for that “what if scenario”.

It got me to thinking. If I had to stay in a hospital; Chuck would be caring for our dogs. He knows what pet store we use the most; but he might not be up to date what brand of  food we are currently feeding them. Our dogs like their brand of food changed to something else every few months. What I need to do is make a list of where & what current brand we’re feeding them. Also what preference each dog has about their meal & keep that list updated & easy to find.

My train of thought continues. What would happen if Chuck & I were in a car accident & had to stay in the hospital? You can now carry on your key ring or in your wallet a laminated card that alerts people that we have pets at home & on the back of the card is the emergency contact name & their phone number. I better make sure our back up person has a current house key & the alarm code to get in the house.  Also they should know where to find that list of feeding preferences of the dogs.

Lastly; Chuck & I have talked about our wills, but we haven’t made any firm decisions yet. We have the house & our bank accounts; but what about our dogs? We need to write up our wishes for the care of our dogs & make those arrangements. So many pets end up in shelters because their owners have passed & there’s no one readily available to step in & continue their care. A lot of times these pets are older so adoption of them will not be so easy. Perhaps too we should plan a stipend in the will to help with the cost of their care since we are owned by four dogs.

Do you have a back up plan in place for your pet in case something were to incapacitate you for a day, a week, a month or permanently?


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