Private Home Boarding

A Dog’s “Tail”

Pippin’s last master had adopted her from the Ct. Humane Society. She was just turning 7 years old & she was a wonderful companion for an active older gentleman. We were her sitter whenever her new master had to go on a trip & she would board with us as we provide private home boarding for our clients. Pippin fit right in with our pack & enjoyed getting plenty of exercise, long walks & sleeping  besides us on our bed at night.

We had just brought Pippin home from her Thanksgiving stay with us when a few days later we received a call asking if she could board with us once again as her master was in the hospital just avoiding a heart attack; but he was going to have to have surgery & wouldn’t be able to care for her while he was recovering.

We didn’t hesitate to help. Pippin was once again part of our family. Sadly her owner  passed away just after Christmas.  His family contacted us and told us we were mentioned in his will. He wished that if it was ok with us; that we would adopt Pippin & care for her in her golden years. The family had no desire to keep her as they all lived busy lives & traveled quite a bit in the course of a year. They didn’t want her to go back to an adoption group but if no one took her; well it was one of the choices left.

All Chuck & I could think was what was her chances now being 9 years old  & having a medical issue would she have to be adopted again? We had just adopted a pair of abused Chihuahua mixes 6 months earlier & hadn’t planned on our family getting any bigger but  we worried as to her fate in all this.

On New Year’s Eve we “officially” adopted Pippin & have never regret

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