A Bonded Pair


I recently viewed a video recommended by Barkpost on YouTube/Animal Time TV , A Dog’s Love Story on a pair of bonded dogs that became separated once they came into a shelter & how they tried to continue to be with each. They were separated so a chance of adoption would be more probable for them & how by sheer chance they became reunited some time later. After watching I couldn’t help to smile as I gazed upon our Taco & Belle.

You see Taco & Belle are a bonded pair who were abandoned in a snowstorm at a train station. They were fortunate enough to be found by a police officer who brought them to the town’s no kill shelter. Time went by, no one came calling looking for the pair. But just watching them a few minutes you can see & appreciate the special bond they share between each other .
Taco has no fear in protecting his sister no matter the size of the danger. He sleeps most nights with his head over Belle’s back always alert for any possible trouble. He licks her face, ears & body like giving a doggie massage & will give up his meal to her with no complaints.
Belle supports Taco. She backs him up when he’s in trouble; ready to help in any way she can. She coaxes him into relaxing by inviting him to play tag with their toys. Belle will protect Taco no matter the challenge. She also doesn’t have a problem to cheerfully eat Taco’s meal besides hers if allowed! Neither can tolerate being separated from each other for a period of time without becoming extremely anxious.
Fortunately for them the shelter recognized how bonded they were to each other. There was times requests to adopt just one of them would be offered but they stayed with their decision that they must be adopted together & kept together. If the adoption wasn’t working out both must be returned to the shelter. During their stay an animal behaviorist worked with them as they showed signs of having been abused.
Nine months later; we heard about this special pair from a friend. A few months earlier we had to put to rest our beloved girl Lilly & was looking for a new companion for Gigi who was lost with out her old buddy. We were not sure about how this was all going to work out; but Gigi got along with them & well, what’s one more extra dog? A unique situation that we could be a part of & do some good. We had to give it a try.
One year seven months later I see how enriching the process has been. Taco & Belle have learned to be a part of a pack. They share their toys, play with other dogs & learned to trust us that we won’t harm them.  It never occurred to me two animals could be so dedicated to each other as these two are. And  they never seem to tire of each other. There’s something to be learned from that. Gigi has now a “sister” & a “brother” & leads by example the house rules. Our blended family life has become more rewarding.
If the opportunity comes along please consider the adoption of a bonded pair. The rewards of that decision just might surprise you & enrich your life & theirs too!


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