5 Tips In Preparing For Your Pet Sitter

IMG_20160405_181220It’s that time of year again when vacations & plans for your pet’s staycation are being made.  At our Meet & Greet Consultation we go through a worksheet with you on the needs your pet requires while you’re away. We strive to be as through as possible with our questions & encourage you for any extra information to keep your pet comfortable in our care.  Here are 5 tips in preparing for your pet sitter.

  • Write down any instructions for the care of your pet.  One of our clients even provided pictures of their dogs to have on hand for the ” just in case” scenario.  Any quirks your dog has about their walks or meeting other dogs is helpful to know. You know how your cat prefers to be handled; share that knowledge with your sitter. Having your veterinarian’s name , address & phone number readily available saves valuable time . Make a list of your pet’s favorite hiding spots so the sitter knows where to look if the your pet isn’t where one would usually find them.
  • Put everything needed for your pet’s care in one area so your sitter doesn’t have to search for food, leashes or specific treats. Let your sitter know where these items are.
  • Select a neighbor or a close living family member to be an emergency contact. Give them an extra house key or advise them where a key is hidden in the event your pet sitter can’t visit because of an unforeseen emergency or severe inclement weather. Do let a trusted neighbor know that a pet sitter will be coming to care for your pet while you’re away. Give the pet sitter the neighbor’s or family’s name & phone number in case they need to contact someone in an emergency of your pet or house.
  • Leave an appropriate amount of food, litter & other supplies for your pet for the time you’re away.DSCN2925
  • Be honest about your pet’s character. Is your dog nervous to have his leash put on? Does he not care to go out for a walk when it’s raining? Would your cat prefer to not be petted?  Is your cat shy around new people? The more your pet sitter knows the more prepared we are to care for your pet. We could never take your place in your pet’s life; but with knowledge of your pet’s needs we can keep them less stressed & comfortable while you’re away.

2015-10-29 12.06.54We hope these tips can be a guide for you as you make your preparations. Please join us in sharing a tip on what you found helpful when preparing for your pet sitter to care for your pet in our comment section below. Let’s see what we can add to our list!


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