5 Thoughts in Choosing between the Professional Pet Sitter & the Hobbyist

DSCN2925While planning your next getaway decisions has to be made on who’s going to take care of Peanut, your super dog. Your girlfriend used a professional pet sitter but in checking the sitter’s website you’re concerned that Peanut’s staycaton is going to cost more than you’ve considered. The neighbor’s teenager has offered to do the job at a much cheaper price & you’re tempted to take him up on his offer. Oh what to do? Here’s 5 thoughts to consider on your choice.

This is Our Business & Our Job!
We will be there to care for your pet. We’ll spend quality time , make sure they are eating & receiving our undivided attention.We are available 365 days a year including holidays.  You do not have to worry about us receiving an invite to be doing something else & “forgetting” to visit your pet.

Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR
Accidents happen. We take classes every year to be as best prepared & informed as we can for the possible emergency. You can feel assured for us to be responsible in case of that emergency. We have your information & veterinarian release on file so we can take your pet to your vet if the emergency deems it necessary.

Insured & Bonded
Suppose your dog is injured by another dog during his walk? Oh no, did the hobbyist lose the key to your home?  Such innocent accidents can be quite a costly expense. We are insured & bonded for those uh-oh expenses that could possibly happen while you’re away.

We Stay in Touch
Every day we’ll send you by text or email an update on how your pet is doing along with pictures. We could never take your place in your pet’s life but we sure can keep them well tended till you come home. We love to share with you how they’re enjoying play time, their well being & if they’re eating their meals.

Home Security
We check your home on each visit to ensure your pet is safe in their home. There’s no worries about the possible occurrence of strangers in your home or the impromptu house party that happened while you’re away. We are the only ones who will be visiting your pets & home.

I hope these thoughts help in your decision of who shall care for your pet. A professional pet sitter has the expenses of insurance, labor, gas for the vehicle (to name a few) to consider in what their fees are. But our dedication in the care of your pet ~ priceless!


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